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The Principles That Guide Us
We have established the following set of values to guide our company and our employees:
Investors come first
We believe that Morningstar’s strength comes largely from the faith that investors place in us. Our independence, integrity, and advocacy for investors’ interests are the foundation of our company. We strive to help investors achieve better results.

Great products
We believe that Morningstar’s products must exceed our customers’ expectations and raise the standard over other existing products. To do this, our products must be not only innovative, but also reliable and of the highest quality. They must be marked by exemplary content, design, and usability.

Entrepreneurial spirit
We believe that companies should grow. The entrepreneurial spirit inspires independent thought, agile decision-making, and an acceptance of creative and unconventional solutions to business challenges.

Uncompromising ethics
We require our employees to adhere to high ethical standards, regardless of the impact on our business. We believe that high ethical standards should be pursued for their own sake, and we expect every Morningstar employee to treat our customers and their fellow employees as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Great people
We believe that every person who works at Morningstar contributes to our success. We want to attract talented, hard-working, enthusiastic people, so we create an environment that encourages employees to learn throughout their careers, allows them to advance based on merit, and rewards them for helping Morningstar thrive.

Financial success
We believe that great products create value for our customers. This creates demand for our products and, in turn, generates financial success. Financial success strengthens our company and helps us continue to raise our standards and set more challenging goals.
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