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Morningstar CPMS
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Rigorous. Flexible. Customizable.
Morningstar® CPMS™ helps investment professionals build and track custom, multi-variable investment strategies based on high-quality Canadian and U.S. equity data. Powerful filtering allows users to screen and rank the stocks to consider for their strategies by thousands of variables, as well as industry group and portfolio filters. The software also integrates a series of disciplined CPMS investment strategies, which users can follow or adapt to their needs.
What you can do:
Screen and rank stocks by thousands of factors
Set minimum and maximum values for each factor
Create custom screens by controlling the importance of each factor
Monitor the buy and sell recommendations for CPMS portfolios and custom strategies
Users can narrow the investments to include in strategies by screening on thousands of data items and by setting minimum and maximum values from industries and sectors. The factors that drive our proprietary ranking system are updated daily, triggering buy/sell transactions and revealing in ranking lists which stocks deliver the best combinations of factors required for the investment strategy. Users can create custom variables using our flexible and powerful data ranking tool, which allows them to weight the importance of each factor considered. Included in the software, disciplined CPMS investment strategies provide inspiration for buy and sell lists.
Build customized equity strategies
Set and adjust custom buy and sell rules
Study and adapt CPMS investment strategies
Backtest and validate strategies with extensive stock data and information
With Morningstar CPMS, investment professionals can design their own equity strategies by establishing minimum and maximum values for thousands of variables based on the latest stock data. Users can also view trusted CPMS investment strategies to monitor the stocks they include or to apply those disciplines to their own strategies. Extensive stock-level information, such as daily price data, earnings estimates, and industry analytics, supports fundamental research. Data is updated daily, so users can track their strategy’s performance and make immediate adjustments.

Users can backtest their equity strategies by running scenarios of how they might perform under various economic and market conditions using our survivorship-bias-free historical data. Learn more
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