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After creating an investment strategy in Morningstar® CPMS™, investment professionals can evaluate how well it’s performing. Holdings-based attribution analysis identifies which industry sector is contributing to the portfolio’s value relative to a chosen benchmark, uncovering areas where the strategy is beating or underperforming the benchmark. Reports are available for presenting the results of a strategy’s performance.
What you can do:
Track model portfolios
Conduct holdings-based attribution analysis
Measure a strategy’s performance compared to key benchmarks
The holdings-based attribution analysis in Morningstar CPMS uses thousands of factors to measure a strategy’s performance compared to a benchmark, then displays the results in easy-to-read graphics. Users can measure industry group performance, or view the results of the attribution analysis as Morningstar CPMS grades. Multiple indexes are available to use as a benchmark.
Display and report attribution results
Evaluate the reasons behind a strategy’s performance
Identify where performance is better or worse than a benchmark
Easy-to-read reports quickly identify the areas of a strategy that are either beating or underperforming a benchmark. Users can compare the performance results for a variety of variables.
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