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Comprehensive. High-Quality. Timely.
The extensive, up-to-date and historical equity information in Morningstar® CPMS™ provides institutional money managers and licensed advisors with the background they need to research potential investments for their strategies. Stock information covered represents the leading Canadian and U.S. indexes including 100% of the S&P/TSX Composite Index, the S&P/TSX Small Cap Index, and the S&P 500. The software delivers earnings estimates for more than 95% of the Canadian stock market the day they’re released and within 24 hours for the U.S. market. Information ranges from fundamental stock reports, to corporate actions, and market outlooks.
What you can do:
Access timely and historical equity information
Review current earnings estimates
View stock profiles featuring company information
Compare a stock within its sector
Access equity data back to 1985
Morningstar CPMS delivers earnings estimate data, including cash flow estimates, target prices, and recommendations, from a range of analysts who cover a stock. Reports are available for each stock covered in the software, featuring fundamental analysis, daily price information, financial reports, market information, and industry-relative analytics. Users can choose a valuation model and view the associated estimates. Our experienced data analysts work daily to collect this equity information and make sure it’s timely, accurate, and complete. Morningstar CPMS also includes data for Canadian stocks back to 1985 and for U.S. stocks back to 1994 for backtesting equity strategies. Our data is survivorship-bias-free, providing a more accurate representation of market and company conditions across various points in time.
Chart and analyze the latest equity information
Display historic trends, moving averages, and rates of change
Graph the interrelationships between economic and fundamental variables
Customize dates and colors
Users can view equity reports by categories such as fundamentals, valuation metrics, estimates, financial statements, and market economic reports. Morningstar CPMS offers industry-specific, stock-specific, and macroeconomic charts. These easy-to-generate graphs help analyze historic trends, moving averages, and rates of change. They also demonstrate interrelationships between economic and fundamental variables, as well as illustrate relationships between sector values and key stocks in a sector or other time series. Users can export the data they’ve analyzed in Morningstar CPMS into Microsoft® Excel® to populate financial models.
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