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Morningstar’s growth has been driven, in part, by our practice of continually adopting new technologies and integrating them with our products. When Joe launched the company, he maximized the limited resources he had at the time through early experimentation with the personal computer. Using computer programming, he developed ways to process the data he and his co-workers collected on mutual funds. In the early days of desktop publishing, they used computers to produce Morningstar’s first publications, The Mutual Fund Sourcebook™ and Morningstar® Mutual Funds™.

Early adopters
We’ve always been early adopters of new technologies that we believe will help us meet a broader range of investor needs. As a litmus test we ask ourselves—what will this new technology allow us to do that we couldn’t do before? And will it really help make things easier for investors?

Information and accessibility
We found that technology helped investors as they made decisions, either on their own or with the assistance of advisors and institutions. In 1991, we transferred pages of investment data into searchable CD-ROMs when we introduced Morningstar® OnDisc®, later renamed Morningstar® Principia®. This automated the process of screening investments, which became more important to advisors as the number of choices on the market increased significantly.

In 1997 when the web was still a frontier for most businesses, we launched our flagship investment website, Morningstar.com®. As it has from its earliest days, the site provides investors with data, analysis, news, and opportunities to interact with other investors. Then in 2001 we introduced two new software platforms: Morningstar® Advisor Workstation to help advisors manage their practices and Morningstar Direct to help institutions conduct rigorous investment research.

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Technology is inextricably linked with our work to help investors navigate the complex investment information available. We design and manage our own websites and build our own software applications internally rather than relying on outside vendors. We believe in building great products in-house in a highly collaborative, agile environment where we focus on technical excellence, the user experience, and continuous improvement.

We employ a staff of hundreds of developers who help us build better, more usable products. With this infrastructure in place, we can respond to customer needs and market demands, quickly integrating them in our products. Whether it’s through open-source development or the transition to cloud and mobile computing, we’re always pushing technology’s boundaries to find new and better ways to serve investors.
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