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About Us
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In recent years we’ve been taking our mission on the road to serve investors in markets that would benefit from additional transparency. Borders are no longer barriers—investors are increasingly looking for opportunities that are farther from home. So we’re building our presence in places where people need an independent perspective.

Our first trips abroad
We established our first joint venture with Tokyo-based Softbank in Japan in 1998. By the next year, we had offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. After that, we expanded our business to the United Kingdom, as well as locations across Europe and Asia. Currently, we are working to serve Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

A familiar face
Wherever our clients are, we want them to have the same positive experience working with us in London or Hong Kong as they do in Chicago. When they step into our offices in Amsterdam or Sydney, they’ll find a consistent reflection of our culture—along with the same commitment to serving their needs. When the workday ends in one of our offices, it begins in the next. We’re moving toward around-the-clock coverage as we open more offices from west to east.

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Our headquarters
In January 2009, we moved into our third headquarters since 1984. (Our fourth if you count Joe’s apartment.) Our current headquarters at 22 West Washington is located on State Street in the heart of the Chicago Loop. It features a state-of-the-art environment that reflects our core values and strengths in research, design, and technology. It’s the model for Morningstar’s open plan design, which encourages collaboration and accessibility in the spirit of our culture. No one has an office, including Joe and our executive team. We’re all equally accessible.

Global reach, local expertise
Though our roots may be in Chicago, we operate as one Morningstar on a global scale. Our thousands of employees worldwide work in concert to help investors, bringing their knowledge of local markets to the table to reinforce our breadth of global resources. This cross-border collaboration is just one of the ways we are able to meet the needs of investors around the world.
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