Hedge Fund Database
One of the largest databases of active and dead hedge funds.
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Accessible in Morningstar Products
Accessible in Morningstar Products
The Morningstar hedge fund database is much more than just a database or a spreadsheet of information. It supports a range of web-based solutions that can be easily accessed for research and reporting. Investors and advisors worldwide use these products when making investment decisions. And because the products contain comprehensive data about other types of investments, such as stocks, mutual funds, and separate accounts, they facilitate comparisons and provide an integrated representation of a portfolio.
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You’ll find Morningstar hedge fund data in the following products:
Morningstar Direct - This global investment analysis platform unites all of Morningstar’s data and institutional research, private and third party content, rigorous analytics, and productivity tools. It streamlines the process of finding meaning in financial information and communicates investment ideas in customized reports and presentations.
Hedge Fund Database
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Morningstar® Data - Firms can license a data feed to use information from Morningstar’s proprietary hedge fund database. Data feeds support a range of applications, such as conducting competitive analysis, developing new products, and creating communication materials.
Hedge Fund Database
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Morningstar Office - This all-in-one practice and portfolio management suite for financial advisors streamlines the core aspects of an advisor’s business—from portfolio accounting and performance reporting to investment planning, research, and client management.
Hedge Fund Database
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